Cooling Cool Ties. Beat the Heat with AwesomeDoRags Cool Ties.  As Always Shipping is FREE!

This is what the cooling Cool Tie will look like.  This is not a necktie. The tube that the polymer is in, is approximately 22" in length and when hydrated will swell to 6+" in diameter.  It takes very little polymer to accomplish this, so do not be surprised when you get yours and think that there is nothing in the tube. You will be greatly surprised when you hydrate your Cool Tie!  Now, go to each category and purchase your Cool Tie from AwesomeDoRags great selection of fabrics!

Cool Ties

$ 10.00 USD


Here are the instructions on how to activate your Cool Tie.

To use the cool tie neck band, soak in water for a 15-20 minutes (hot water speeds the hydration process).  As the polymer granules soak up the water "mush" them around so the polymer spreads out equally along the tube.  Tie around your neck for a refreshing "Cool Tie" experience.

You can also immerse in a cooler at your events for an even faster cool.  When you feel the Cool Tie getting to body temperature, just flip it over to the other side that has been exposed to air and be refreshed all over again. Store in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator, or hang dry. The polymer will rehydrate again using instructions above.

Do not use soap to wash your Cool Tie, the polymer will absorb the soap and this will cause your cool tie to sour "yuck". Just rinse in cool water and lay flat to dry or store in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator.

AwesomeDoRags Cool Ties can also be heated in a microwave (once they have been soaked, of course). They will purportedly retain heat about 3x times longer than they will retain cold. Heat slowly to determine your warming preference.

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